How do you say “good with technology” on a resume?

Jul, 22 2023

Understanding the Importance of Technological Literacy

In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, technological literacy is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. Even the most basic jobs often require some level of proficiency with technology. From using word processing software to sending emails, technology is a part of our everyday lives. As a result, being 'good with technology' is a much-coveted skill in the job market. This means you must know how to articulate this skill effectively on your resume. Understanding how to present your technological skills can give you a significant edge over other candidates.

Identifying Your Technological Skills

Before you can write about being 'good with technology' on your resume, you first need to identify what technological skills you possess. Do you have experience with specific software or hardware? Are you proficient in coding languages? Have you managed databases or websites? Once you have identified these skills, it becomes easier to present them in a meaningful and impactful way. Remember, it's not just about listing your skills. You also need to demonstrate how you have used them to achieve results.

Using Specific Terminology and Keywords

When writing a resume, it's crucial to use specific terminology and keywords. This not only makes your resume more professional but also increases its visibility in automated tracking systems used by many companies. Instead of simply stating that you're 'good with technology', use specific terms that relate to the skills you possess. For instance, if you are proficient in using Microsoft Office, say so. If you have experience with graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, mention it. The more specific you are, the better.

Quantifying Your Technological Skills

Another important aspect of showcasing your technological prowess is quantifying your skills. This means assigning a value to what you can do. For example, instead of saying you're good with Excel, you could say you used Excel to organize and analyze data for a project that resulted in a 30% increase in efficiency. This gives potential employers a clear picture of your abilities and the impact you can have on their company.

Highlighting Your Continuous Learning Efforts

Technology evolves rapidly. Being 'good with technology' today means staying ahead of the curve and continuously learning and adapting. As such, it's important to highlight your efforts to keep your tech skills updated. Have you taken any courses or certifications recently? Do you follow tech blogs or attend tech events? Show potential employers that you're not just technologically savvy, but also committed to maintaining that savvy in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

In conclusion, saying you're 'good with technology' on a resume involves more than just mentioning it in passing. You need to identify your skills, use specific terminology, quantify your abilities, and highlight your continuous learning efforts. By doing this, you'll not only show potential employers that you're technologically literate, but also that you're a valuable asset who can use technology to drive results.